Ottobre 19 sabato

I corsi del sabato riprendono dopo il Thanksgiving dal 19 ottobre. La sessione d'autunno recupererà le lezioni perse a gennaio 2020.


Parole Parole

Dopo san Valentino.


anche nella versione a ruoli rovesciati

oppure fatti. che restano da secoli come il poema di Dante Alighieri scritto nel 1295..

So gentle and so dignified appears
my lady when she greets others,
that every trembling tongue becomes dumb,
and their eyes do not dare look upon her.

She walks on, hearing herself praised,
benignly clothed in humility;
and seems to be something arrived
from Heaven as a miracle on Earth.

She appears so pleasant to those who looks upon her,
and through her eyes a sweetness touches the heart,
which cannot be understood by those who feel it not:

and it seems that from her lips emanates
a delicate spirit full of love,
that speaks to the soul: Sigh.

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