Ottobre 19 sabato

La sessione d'autunno termina con l'ultima classe del martedì il 7 gennaio 2020. I corsi del sabato continuano dall'11 gennaio 2020. BUONE FESTE!
Last Tuesday class will be Tue Jan 7th 2020. Saturday class will resume on Sat Jan. 11th 2020. Happy Holidays!


How to use a Dictionary.
You can easily find translation of any Italian words on your English-Italian-English dictionary: there are many good and very good edition of such a book (Italian and English publishers) and also on line:
Dizionario Ita/Eng 
Dizionario Italiano/Inglese Inglese/Italiano
You can also install an applets or add-on for your brower giving an immediater translation hovering on an Italian term: check for "instant translation addon"
Dictionary I recommand is DOP Dizionario Ortografia e Pronunzia:  potrete udire la pronunzia esatta delle parole (use it to learn the correct pronunciation of a word (stress, phonetic espression for O and E large or narrow sound)

Dictionary to use to work with italian texts:

La repubblica: dizionario Italiano (use it to find Italian description of Italian terms)
Sinonimi e Contrari: Synonyms and opposites (use it to find all different meanings of single word)